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Being a Freelance Blogger is Terrific—Here's 3 Reasons Why

Building a blog is really hard, you should know that by how many times I've tried to start blogging (and failed). It takes time to earn a decent income from it, and let's face it, we all like money. Whether that's survival instinct or materialism, I don't know (probably a bit of both), but I think most of us are more inclined to work when there's money involved, which is why this blog falls by the wayside sometimes.

My main source of income is freelance blogging.

Let's take a look at 3 simple reasons why being a freelance blogger a terrific job (hint: there are more rewards and benefits, beyond money! 💰).

1. Freebies 🎁 🎁 🎁

It's true, I've been sent a fair amount of awesome free stuff (especially this year).

Sometimes it's stickers/t-shirts to say "hey, thank you for supporting us!", other times it's subscriptions to apps and services I might be covering in an article or magazine. Make no mistake though, I do ask for these things a lot of the time, and it does help if you have some impressive stories in your resumé (i.e. you've been published here and there, you've worked with this and that company, et cetera).

Here's some of the stuff I've been sent this year:

  • Socks from Adobe XD (I wrote a book about them)
  • Stickers from Product Hunt, Slack, Sketch and Buffer
  • Lifetime subscription to Alfred App (press license)
  • A t-shirt, mug and socks from InVision (Christmas gift)
  • Enterprise-level Sympli, Marvel and InVision subscriptions

2. Money 💰💰💰

And of course, there's the money. Blogging has a really bad reputation for being an industry where you can't earn very much money, and where bloggers pretty much write for nothing. I won't lie, that's a little bit true in some cases. Getting—paid—is—hard in some industries, but not impossible. It helps to spread your wings; don't tie yourself down with a singular niché, but don't be a "Jack of all trades" either. In the design industry, where I work, it's not unusual for blogs to pay $150-$300/article.

One of the best and most useful things I ever learnt to do was aim high and reach out to top-notch blogs (ones that you'd be passionately interested in working for). Don't suggest done-to-death ideas—carefully think about what you're saying and explain who the article is for, and how the reader benefits from reading it. Great blogs will pay for quality content, and also, great blogs have the money to pay.

Seriously, trust me on this!

3. Freedom 🧘🧘🧘

Freelancers often say, "being freelance doesn't mean that you have more free time; that's a myth! I'm working 60 hours a week!". But the truth is, freelancers are responsible for allocating their time. If you're strapped for cash and time, then you're undervaluing yourself. Charge more, do fewer hours, and look after yourself.

Being a freelance blogger means that you often have deadlines, that's fair enough, but you also have the freedom to say, "Well, I'm busy this week, but I can tackle this idea next week", or, if you're assigned only the articles that you pitch, then don't overpromise what you can't deliver. I remember a time last year when I had to write three ebooks at once…over Christmas! It was super, super stressful. Never again!


Fun fact: I'm actually writing about the benefits of being a freelance blogger in my new book, which is about the joys of blogging, being a fantastic writer, and scaling your freelance blogging business. I sent a first draft of the first chapter via my newsletter last month, you're welcome to read it! Let me know what you think!

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